To ensure your new brushes stay with you for a long time it is important to look after them. High quality brushes require a bit of TLC in order to keep them in their prime! Our brushes are handcrafted with a wooden handle and copper ferrule. The brushes are assembled using glue to attach the hairs to the inside of the ferrule. For this reason it is super important to only wash your brushes in warm or cold water (avoid hot water) and that you endeavour to not submerge the ferrule or handle of the brush underwater. If the ferrule is repetitively exposed to hot water it will slowly break down the glue which will result in eventual hair loss for your brushes. Submersion of your brushes in water for extended periods can also cause damage to the handle and ferrule of your brushes. 

It is also important to note that a large portion of our brushes are made with goat hair. This provides super soft hair to allow flawless blending results. These high quality brushes must be shaped into position before drying to avoid frizz. (Yes, just like our natural human hair, our brush hairs can frizz too!) 

If you need a further guide on how to clean your brushes please see our highlights on our instagram page